Psomagen, Inc., formerly Macrogen Corp, delivers genomic sequencing services to the clinical, academic, and consumer markets. Psomagen’s labs are US-based and CLIA and CAP certified. Not only is the company accredited to perform the highest quality Sanger sequencing, Next-Generation Sequencing and Microarray Gene Analysis, it is also networked with Macrogen’s worldwide headquarters, stretching its capabilities and capacity across a diverse set of labs around the world. We are located in the biomedical community of Rockville, MD (HQ), as well as in Boston and New York.

Psomagen has highly trained experts in cutting-edge NGS instrument systems such as the Illumina’s latest NovaSeq / HiSeq X/HiSeq 2500. Macrogen Corp, our parent company, has been providing genome research solutions to over 16 countries in Asia and Europe since 1997.

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Senior Product Manager

Molecular Diagnostics Services

Marketing Strategy Internship

Genomic Services (Remote)

Marketing Internship

Genomic Services (Remote)

Field Application Scientist

Genomic Services

Graphic Designer – 6 month Contract

Genomic Services (Remote)