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Infographic: WGS vs WES vs SNA Genotyping

INFOGRAPHIC: WGS vs WES vs Genotyping for Precision Medicine

PODCAST: WGS Episode 2

PODCAST: Ethical Discussions of Whole Genome Sequencing

Should we? These experts answer that question in Part 2 of our…
PODCAST: WGS Episode 1

PODCAST: How Whole Genome Sequencing is Bringing New Treatment Options to Life

Join us as we talk with experts in rare disease research, clinical…
VIDEO: Whole-Genome Sequencing for Precision Medicine

VIDEO: The Future of Whole Genome Sequencing: What's in Store?

This video explores how clinical whole genome sequencing (WGS)…
INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a SCS Project

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Single Cell Sequencing Project

With new applications hitting the research scene regularly, single…
SARS-CoV-2 Variant Determination
Meet the Schnable Lab

A Look into Plant DNA Analysis at the Schnable Lab in Nebraska

Now Available SCS with 10x Genomics tech

Psomagen, Inc. Expands Precision Genomics Capabilities with 10x Genomics’ Single Cell Sequencing Technologies

ROCKVILLE, MD — February 23, 2021 — Psomagen, Inc., a US-based…
New COVID Survey Reveals Testing Differences by Organization Size

COVID-19 Testing Industry Consortium Survey Helps Us Understand Pandemic’s Challenges

As one of the newest members of the COVID-19 Testing Industry…
Doctor looking at handheld screen showing DNA and disease information

Methods of Detecting COVID-19

It seems like eons ago that the nation saw its first cases of…
genome sequencing and disease diagnosis

How Can Genetics Help Predict Diseases?

If you could unravel your DNA and see if your genes indicate…