Psomagen Employee Spotlight: Nezar Rghei

We interviewed Nezar Rghei, Psomagen’s Vice President of Commercial Development and Genomic Services, who brings us his 27-year veteran status of working in the life sciences industry. His expertise in genomics applications and valuable insight contribute to Psomagen’s success as a leading Genomic Sequencing Service Provider. Nezar received his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the […]

We’ve Joined the IDT Align Preferred Sequencing Provider Program

Part of our mission is to improve the health of humanity by making quality sequencing services both accessible and affordable. Joining the IDT AlignSM Preferred Sequencing Provider Program allows us to reach more NGS researchers looking to do just that. Currently, our work includes partnering with Swift Biosciences (now part of IDT) to facilitate immediate needs […]