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Psomagen is happy to announce that we will now be providing an end-to-end single-cell sequencing service using powerful 10x Genomics® Chromium™ GEM-based technology. We have offered this service in the past, but it wasn’t quite as easy as it is now, as we didn’t previously have the capacity to build out single-cell libraries in-house. 

Through multiplexed molecular barcoding and single-cell partitioning, we can now sequence and deconvolute libraries down to characterized single-cell populations. It is this sophisticated level of analysis that enables the evaluation of complex biological systems and mixed cell population samples.

Single-Cell Sequencing: An All-Inclusive Solution

Until now, most next-generation sequencing (NGS) methodologies examined a cell population as a single entity, resulting in one profile. While this approach provides critical genetic information to help direct therapeutic development and discovery research, it typically represents a heterogeneous cell population. From whole organisms to normal tissue to tumor biopsies, there is a usually mixed cell population represented in the sequencing data. 

As NGS technology continues to evolve, so does the ability to focus down to the genetic material of a single cell and compare these populations in high-throughput modes.

Customers can send their samples directly to Psomagen, and from there, we’ll handle everything from building the library to sequencing and analyzing the data.

Research Areas


Single-cell technologies like 10x genomics have become important tools for learning about the behaviors of infectious diseases. They’ve already helped us understand COVID-19 — particularly its effects on our bodies, the mechanism of infection and immune response, and how to treat it. 


Single-cell and spatial technology is helping researchers to understand infection and the immune response on a deeper level. As 10x genomics technologies uncover the mysteries of the immune system, it yields insights that can help us fight infectious disease and autoimmune disorders. 


10x technology is helping illuminate the intricacies of cancer, particularly how the tumor is able to evade the immune system response to disease. Research on single-cell gene expression also promises to give science a better understanding of the heterogeneity of tumors and the way they interact with their environment.


10x genomics single-cell tools empower researchers to dive deeper into psychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and more, such as Alzheimer’s disease. This promising research could pave the way for the discovery of better preventative techniques and treatments.

Investigate Our Various
Single-Cell Options

Chromium Single-Cell Immune and 5’ Gene Expression Profiling

This multiomic service enables single-cell profiling of T-cells, B-cells, or both through separate V(D)J enriched libraries. These libraries can be generated alone, together, or in conjunction with a 5’ gene expression library.

3’ Gene Expression Profiling

This workflow is similar to the 5’ gene expression library, but the approach captures the 3’ end of the poly mRNA transcript. Both solutions use polydT primer for reverse transcription, although in the 3’ assay, the polydT sequence is located on the gel bead oligo while in the 5’ assay, the polydT is supplied as an RT primer. A template-switching oligo (TSO) is used in both workflows to reverse transcribe the full-length transcript.

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