Gut Microbiome Test:

What Is GutBiome+?

GutBiome+ is an excellent tool for those interested in improving their digestive health and overall well-being. When you provide a stool sample for the gut health test, we use whole metagenome sequencing to:

  • Analyze the microorganisms in your gut
  • Tell you about your microbe profile, metabolism, nutrition utility, lifestyle status, and gut type
  • Provide you with a full probiotics profile
  • Offer custom dietary suggestions to implement based on your metabolism and microbiome

We recommend doing this gut microbiome test on a regular basis to keep tabs on your gut health as you make changes to your lifestyle.

Microbiome - Gut Health

Why Is Your Microbiome Important to Your Health?

Your health is heavily impacted by your microbiome, the intricate ecosystem made of trillions of microorganisms that inhabit your body. Even though you might not consider this microscopic community to be “one unit”, scientists often refer to the microbiome as the “forgotten organ” because like all other organs, it performs metabolic, protective, and structural functions.

The gut microbiome in particular is a host of bacteria and other organisms that live inside the digestive system. These microorganisms can be healthy or unhealthy; good ones control digestion and support the immune system while bad ones contribute to weight gain, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. The health of your microbiome can be measured with a simple gut health test.

Although your DNA is 99% similar to everyone else’s, your microbiome is unique. No one’s body digests food the same way as anyone else’s; that’s why some people have intolerances to dairy and gluten food items while others have no problems at all digesting these substances.

Gut microbiome testing gives you a deeper understanding of your own microbiome, so you can then take control of your health and prevent disease. With an understanding of the inner workings of your individual microbiome, Psomagen can give you personalized recommendations that will have you feeling better than ever before.

Order your gut microbiome test from Psomagen today.

How Can a Gut Microbiome Test Help You Understand Your Gut Health?

If you’re still wondering why you should invest in gut microbiome testing, consider this: the microbiome has a significant influence over each system of your body, and research suggests that gut bacteria could be linked to diabetes, IBS, colon cancer, obesity and more. Therefore, a take-home gut health DNA test can shed light on the trouble you may have with weight loss, sleep, digestion, mental acuity, skin health, and so on.

For example, if you can’t maintain a healthy weight, don’t sleep well at night, or you lack healthy, radiant skin, your gut health may be the issue. A deeper look into your gut microbiome via the GutBiome+ DNA test eliminates guesswork from your nutritional efforts with custom suggestions about which foods you should eat more or less of each day to improve your gut microbiome.

Below are the two gut microbiome tests* we offer, plus information on what you’ll learn about your microbiome from each test.

*Please note that the GutBiome test as described below is only available in our combination product, Gene & GutBiome, and cannot be purchased individually. Its features are listed separately from the combination product only for your information.



  • Microbial diversity

By identifying the microbial communities existing in your gut, we can determine which good and bad microbes abound in your microbiome and how they are helping or hurting your health.


  • Fiber breakdown
  • Protein breakdown
  • Starch breakdown
  • Alcohol metabolism
  • Oxalate consumption

How well does your gut break down specific nutrients? Find out which foods you are more and less likely to be able to digest.


  • Behavior
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep
  • Healthy weight
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Itchy and dry skin

Your gut microbes can shed some light on which aspects of your lifestyle are positively or negatively impacting your health.


You probably already know your blood type and your skin type but wouldn’t it be useful to know your gut type as well? Your gut type can tell you what your eating habits are like and how they’re affecting your emotions and physical well-being. If you have an unhealthy gut type, you have the power to heal it by making healthy changes, such as avoiding refined grains and sugar or making time to relax and alleviate stress and anxiety.


  • GABA and IPA production
  • Butyrate production
  • Lactate production
  • Propionate production
  • Vitamin production
  • Branched-chain amino acid production
  • Inflammation
  • Gas
  • TMAO production
  • GABA production

Did you know that your gut bacteria impact your metabolism? They get to decide which nutrients you absorb from food, the amount of energy you get from what you eat, and more. If you have too many gut bacteria, for example, your body might fiber to become fatty acids.


  • Probiotics profile

Probiotics have an important role in preventing illness and ensuring the health of your immune system and digestive tract. Which ones do you have too much of and which ones do you lack? GutBiome and GutBiome+ will let you know.

How Gut Health Test Analysis Works

Your stool contains all the information we need about your microbiome, and we use sophisticated microbe identification technology to analyze it. Tools like these allow us to see how active each organism is within your gut and whether each one is producing nutrients or toxins in response to the food your body digests. This is the information we use to make unique recommendations for your body and your lifestyle.

How to Collect a Microbiome Test Sample

The sample collection process for GutBiome and GutBiome+ is straightforward. Your kit comes with an instruction manual, an envelope, and a kit with an empty tube, a preservation solution tube, and collection sheets. This is how it works:

Collect Sample Icon Step 01

Collect a sample using toilet paper OR feces catcher.

You can use the feces catcher or wipe like normal with toilet paper to collect your sample.

Collect Sample Icon Step 02

Smear on the entire cotton swab.

Twist and pull the tube open and smear a small sample on the swab. Do not overload or underload the swab.

Collect Sample Icon Step 03

Seal tightly.

Place the swab in the tube without touching any other surface. Twist the tube until you hear it click.

Collect Sample Icon Step 04

Return the sample.

Put the tube back in the box, seal with the sticker provided, and drop it off at USPS with prepaid label.

Collect Sample Icon Step 05

Register the kit.

Register the kit here. Keep the barcode number for your reference.

Result: A Full Gut Health Profile

After shipping your gut microbiome test back to us, allow for some processing time. Your small stool sample is all it takes to yield a complete analysis of the microorganisms in your gut. You can take this test once or on a regular basis as your gut condition changes with your dietary adjustments. Updating your information regularly helps you to:

  • Make informed decisions to change your lifestyle and improve your health
  • Reduce the population of unhealthy microbes in your microbiome
  • Balance the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in your diet
  • Implement foods that are compatible with your metabolism and eliminate incompatible foods
  • Feel more energetic, focused, and happy
  • Maintain a healthy weight
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Why You Should Choose Psomagen’s Gut Microbiome Test

At Psomagen, we’ve spent years improving our research processes and perfecting our gene analysis methods. Our whole-genome sequencing processes have undergone rigorous certification by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

CLIA is a US certification standard coordinated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which authenticates the accuracy and reliability of laboratory testing. CMS has reviewed the credentials of our lab personnel and ensured the conditions of our facility are up to code and monitored and recorded 24/7. CAP also inspects our quality and consistency, and we meet the highest standards of their inspections process.

Psomagen is also HIPAA compliant, so rest assured that we do not share your data; we respect your privacy and legal rights, and your results are always kept private. Likewise, we only use your DNA sample to generate data that can help you predict and prevent disease and make informed lifestyle changes.

What Is Your Gut Telling You? Take a Gut Health Test to Find Out!

Research still has much room for further study on the human microbiome and its influence over human health. Our GutBiome+ test, however, uses the most advanced technology available to help you understand your body on a deeper level. Take the first steps toward improving your health by ordering your gut microbiome testing kit today!


GutBiome is part of a combination test called Gene & GutBiome, which provides a thorough gene analysis as well as a digestive health profile. GutBiome+, on the other hand, is an independent test kit that offers a more comprehensive analysis of your digestive health using more advanced sequencing methods than the Gene & GutBiome test.

Price$129.00 (Was $199)$149.00 (Was $299)
NGS ReadsLess Than 100,000Greater Than 7,000,000
Gut Health Score
Helpful vs. Harmful Bacteria
Probiotics Profile
Lifestyle Status
Nutrition Utility
Metabolic Supply
Metabolic Concern
Microbe Profile
Sample Composition
Complete Microbiome Profile
Food & Probiotics Suggestion
Major Metabolites
Nutrition & Lifestyle Solution
Percentage of Novel Microbe

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been maintaining your normal habits for at least two weeks, you can take your test any time. If you’ve been traveling, trying a new diet, or using temporary health supplements, your test results will not reflect your lifestyle as accurately as it could. In this case, you should wait a couple weeks until you’ve settled back into your normal routine.

You can take your stool test at any time if you’re using long-term antibiotics. If you’re on short-term antibiotics, you should wait a few days so that your results provide a more accurate reflection of your everyday lifestyle. You don’t have to stop taking vitamins before you provide your sample if you take them regularly.

Your microbiome doesn’t return to normal until about two weeks after a colon cleanse. Once that period of time has elapsed, you can take your test at any time.

No, you shouldn’t take your test during menstruation, as this could contaminate your sample.

If you’re concerned that your sample has been contaminated by something it came into contact with, give us a call and let us know what happened. We can help you decide whether or not to send you another test kit.