Gene & GutBiome Test

Discover the Story of Your DNA

Gene Traits

Everyone’s DNA tells a story. What does yours say? It’s time to find out through a Psomagen gene analysis. With simple saliva sampling, this personal genetic test reveals:

  • Greater than 100 personal genetic traits or tendencies
  • Nutritional deficits and dietary traits
  • Physical traits, ex. early hair loss in men, bitter taste, fear of public speaking, etc.

Share your results with friends and family to find out how you compare!


GutBiome is an excellent tool for those interested in improving their digestive health and overall well-being. When you provide us with a stool sample, we use 16S metagenome sequencing to:

  • Analyze the microorganisms in your gut
  • Tell you about your microbe profile, metabolism, nutrition utility, lifestyle status, gut type, and provide you with a full probiotics profile

We recommend doing this test on a somewhat regular basis to keep tabs on your gut health as you make changes to your lifestyle.

Gene & GutBiome Test Explained

Gene & GutBiome Combo

Every cell in your body contains DNA, the genetic information that tells the story of you — your physical characteristics, personality traits and tendencies, nutritional deficiencies, and so much more. A genetic trait test (“Gene”) is a great way to get to know yourself better.

On the other hand, there are trillions of microbes in your gut that impacts metabolism, sleep, fiber breakdown, etc.

This test uniquely explores both the human host’s gene AND the microbial genes found in your gut. By sending saliva and stool samples to Psomagen, you can find out more about what makes you unique, obtain answers to questions about your current health status, and even discover which traits you’re likely to pass on to your children.

More than 12 million people have already embarked on the journey of genetic self-discovery. Begin your own journey today and learn what makes you you by ordering your test now.

What a DNA Traits Test Can Reveal

DNA is composed of various combinations of four nucleotide bases, which include adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine. These three billion chemical base pairs make up what we refer to as the genome. Most peoples’ base pair sequences are very similar, but each individual has specific nucleotides that occur more commonly than others throughout their genome. 

“Gene & GutBiome” test is designed to detect variants in nucleotide pairs, which are called single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). These are the sequences of DNA that make every person distinct. Some SNPs manifest themselves as physical traits, such as blue eyes, while others may be associated with a specific disease. 

At Psomagen, we’re able to provide you with information on more than 100 genetic traits based on your SNPs, such as body type, sleep patterns, intellectual ability, body mechanism, physiological response, and even life satisfaction.

What is the difference between GutBiome and GutBiome+?

Price$99.00 (Was $199)$129.00 (Was $299)
NGS ReadsLess Than 100,000Greater Than 7,000,000
Gut Health Score
Helpful vs. Harmful Bacteria
Probiotics Profile
Lifestyle Status
Nutrition Utility
Metabolic Supply
Metabolic Concern
Microbe Profile
Sample Composition
Complete Microbiome Profile
Food & Probiotics Suggestion
Major Metabolites
Nutrition & Lifestyle Solution
Percentage of Novel Microbe

Reasons to Try a DNA Traits Test

For Curiosity’s Sake

Have you ever wondered how significant a role the genes play in your physical appearance, your personality, metabolism, and your other traits? You’re not alone. Many people purchase these genetic tests because they’re curious. DNA provides new and enjoyable ways to understand yourself and how you’re connected to those around you.

For Your Health’s Sake

These kits can also provide valuable information about your current health status and motivate you to make lifestyle changes to improve your well-being. For example, if you’ve had unexplained constipation and gas then your DNA test might reveal that you are genetically predisposed to lactose intolerance. With this information, you can become more proactive about your health by learning about the condition, removing dairy from your diet, and seeing your doctor. 

Please note that simply having an SNP associated with a disease is not a diagnosis. You should always consult your general practitioner before making changes to your lifestyle. They can help you if you are concerned, displaying abnormal symptoms, or you merely want to discuss preventative care.

Just for Fun

More often than not, people purchase these kits just for the sake of enjoyment. Many even give them as gifts to friends and relatives. A DNA testing kit is a great way to bond with your loved ones and discover what everyone has in common, and more importantly, what makes everyone unique. Your DNA contributions can even help to further research, and our reports offer fun and interesting facts about how your sample compares with others in the Psomagen database and more!

Buy, Collect, Return, and Learn. It’s That Easy!

Saliva Collection

  1. Stimulate the salivary glands to collect the saliva. Make fists and roll them over your cheeks in a circular motion 20 times. Using the tip of your tongue, scrape the inside of your mouth and collect the saliva (cheeks, behind the lips, and gums).
  2. Spit out the saliva. Place the saliva collection tube with funnel near your mouth, and spit out the saliva up to the red line. Exclude any bubbles.
  3. Add preservation solution, close the lid and mix. Take out the preservation solution and add the entire solution into the collection tube. Take off the funnel from the collection tube and close the top with the provided white lid. Mix for 15 seconds.
  4. Return the sample. Place the tubes back into the box. Seal the box with the sticker provided. The prepaid label should be on the box. Return the box via USPS.

Stool Collection

  1. Collect sample from your toilet paper OR the Feces Catcher. To collect the sample, please choose one of the options according to your preference: from the regular wipe on the toilet paper OR catching the stool for collection with the Feces Catcher. If you choose to use the Feces Catcher, please follow the instructions on the paper.
  2. Smear on the entire cotton swab thoroughly. Open the tube by twisting and pulling. Small smear is enough. No lumps should be captured on the swab. It is important not to overload or underload your sample.
  3. Seal correctly. The swab should be placed immediately back into the tube without touching any other surface. Firmly close the tube until you hear it click.
  4. Return the sample. Place the tubes back into the box. Seal the box with the sticker provided. The prepaid label should be on the box. Return the box via USPS.

Wait for your report: Register the kit here. Keep the barcode number for your reference. It can take anywhere between three and five weeks to process your sample. We’ll let you know  when your results are in. From there, you can start learning what your genes can tell you about yourself!

The Search for Your Identity Ends With Psomagen

DNA testing is an enlightening and unifying human experience that’s sure to enrich your life. If you’re interested in participating in genetic testing for your genes that you are born with and the gut microbiome based on your lifestyle and diet, contact Psomagen today to order your genetic testing kit. We’re excited to help you take the first steps toward a full understanding of your genetic identity.