Epigenome Sequencing Services

Epigenome sequencing is the process of examining epigenomic modifications within our DNA. These genetic modifiers are tiny chemical compounds that attach to our DNA, and they play a crucial role in regulating gene activity. Epigenomic modifications, for example, may shut off or turn on a gene. Genetic disorders, metabolic disorders, cancers and degenerative diseases have all been linked to epigenomic errors, and therefore, examining the epigenome may help predict or confirm the cause of a disease or disorder.

In our tests, we can analyze these epigenomic errors, which can help to identify irregular gene activity that may cause or increase the risk for genetic disorders or disease.


  • MBD: Methyl-CpG binding domain
  • Chip: Chromatin Immuno-precipitation

Sequencing Platform

  • HiSeq2000 / MiSeq system (Methylation/ MBD, Chip sequencing)

Data Analysis

  • Standard data Analysis
  • Global Methylation Profiles
  • Specific Methylation Profiles
  • CG Islands / Differentially Methylation Regions(DMRs)
  • Advanced data analysis
  • DMR-Associated Genes
  • Gene Set Analysis
  • Comparative Analysis

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