Low Pass Sequencing Services

Ready to measure genome-wide genetic variation and quickly address statistical and population-based questions?

At Psomagen, we’re proud to offer an alternative to genome-wide genetic variation testing through low-pass whole-genome sequencing (WGS). This method is becoming more popular in the world of genomics due to its high-throughput capacity for larger-scale projects. Traditionally, geneticists have used technology like genotyping arrays, but next-generation sequencing (NGS) methods outperform this legacy technology in terms of magnitude, data output, statistical power, and variant discovery capacity.

Applications and Benefits of Low-Pass Sequencing

Low-pass sequencing has a variety of useful world applications. This sequencing method is a solution for predicting risk of disease and detecting rare genetic variations. It also provides insight on population evolution and assists in the sequencing of other large-scale genomics projects. It has additional applications to pharmacogenomics, biobank profiling, agrigenomics, and genome-wide association studies.

Benefits of Low-Pass Sequencing

Perhaps the greatest benefit of low-pass sequencing is its affordability for agrigenomics and the prediction of human disease risk. Some clinical and research applications include:


  • Profiling for cardiac risk disease: Heart disease has a polygenic component that low-pass sequencing can be used to measure. 
  • Profiling for breast cancer risk: Breast cancer involves a polygenic component, much like cardiac disease, that low-pass sequencing can be used to measure. 
  • Other polygenic risk score assessments
  • GWAS
  • CNV analysis
  • Ancestry analysis
  • New discovery of rare variants


  • Population studies of maize and soybeans
  • Parentage analysis
  • Genomic selection
  • QTL mapping
  • Breed/variety analysis
  • Marker-assisted breeding
  • Can apply to pigs, chickens, cattle, rice, maize, and soybeans


  • Parentage analysis
  • Breed and strain analysis
  • GWAS
  • Can apply to mice, rats, cats, and dogs

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