Custom Sequencing Services

Psomagen generates high-quality custom sequencing data for clients across the globe. We use state-of-the-art robotics and instrumentation for custom sequencing of PCR products, plasmids and BACs, and we’re highly rated by top researchers for turnaround time, quality of work and our competitive pricing.

For custom sequencing service, Psomagen offers 16S rRNA sequencing and primer walking.


16S rRNA sequencing is a service provided after amplifying a fragment of 16S rDNA by comparing the similarities in strain within the rRNA database. This sequencing approach performs all processes including nucleic acid extraction, PCR, sequencing, and assembly using bacterial cells.

Using the base sequence analysis of 16S rRNA, living organisms can be classified into three primary lineages – Domain Eukarya, Domain Bacteria and Domain Archaea. Once Psomagen receives your sample, we will deliver your sequencing results within seven business days.

Primer Walking

Primer walking service is a useful method to obtain a sequence of size 2-10kb. For a bigger size or a large construct DNA, Psomagen recommends shotgun sequencing to save time and cost.

For primer walking, please keep in mind:

  • The time for 1kb single contig varies and may take 5 to 6 days due to primer synthesis and sequencing failure
  • Time can be saved when primers are synthesized bidirectionally
  • A phred score of 20 or higher quality contig is required
  • Results are based on the number of primers and sequence used for primer walking, the abi file used for primer walking, and the contig sequence and contig quality

With primer walking, starting with the end sequencing product by using the primer provided or designed, the internal primer will be designed and processed. When using a new primer but with the same template, the internal primer will continue reading at the appropriate location. In addition, each walking will require approximately 5 to 6 days at an enabling extension of 500bp to 600bp per direction.

The Three Primary Lineages of Living Organisms Using Base Sequence Analysis

The Three Primary Lineages of Living Organisms Using Base Sequence Analysis

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