Standard Sequencing Services

Learn more about the gold-standard in NGS data validation.

Successfully sequence countless samples of PCR products, plasmids and BACs with Psomagen’s standard sequencing services. Using state-of-the-art robotics and instrumentation, we generate high-quality sequence data for clients all over the world. We have a  global reputation for highly rated turnaround times, quality of results, and affordable pricing.

Psomagen offers both single tube service and plate service standard sequencing, depending on your research needs.

Single Tube Service Sequencing

Single service is the most typical single primer extension service, where your plasmid or PCR product template is read with your designated primer. It provides general sequencing that’s highly automated to allow for rapid processing of plasmids and PCR products. Samples can be sent as clones, unpurified PCR products, and purified DNA.

Plate Service Sequencing

Plate sequencing refers to the orders charged per one entire 96-well plate. For customers with a large number of samples processed in 96-well plates, this is the best option. Samples can be sent as clones, unpurified PCR products, and purified DNA.

There are two ways to order Psomagen plate service sequencing: one/two primer per plate and multi-primers per plate. With both service options, plasmid DNA preparation and PCR cleanup is available.

One/Two primer per plate

This refers to the orders charged per plate. To use this order, your samples should meet the following criteria:

  • Send samples to Psomagen pre-arranged in the 96-well plate
  • Send one primer to be applied to the entire sample plate OR;
  • Send two primers to a plate (ex. the first 48 samples can be sequenced using a forward primer while the other 48 samples can be sequenced using a reverse primer)*

*The corresponding well numbers for each primer must be specified on the order sheet, additional charges may apply

Multi-primers per plate

Multi-primers per plate is the order type where more than two primers can be used for the samples arranged in a 96-well plate.

Please premix the samples and primers, OR arrange the primers in another plate to mirror the sample plate.*

Please contact us to learn more about this service.

*Disclaimer: For plate orders, rerun service is not provided, with rare exceptions.

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