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Over the last 20 years, the onslaught of next generation sequencing methods and technologies has resulted in the need for a deeper understanding of our genes. Today, single cell genomics provides the foundation for a multi-omic approach to biological discovery.

With single cell sequencing (SCS), researchers can investigate cellular functions to better understand and answer questions related to:

  • Cell-to-cell differentiation
  • Cell lineage relationships
  • Disease evolution
  • Discover potential biomarker and drug targets
  • Rare cell types



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Popular Research Areas Include


Researchers are using SCS to begin to understand the COVID-19 virus — particularly its effects on our bodies, the mechanism of infection and immune response, and how to treat it.


Researchers are profiling tumors to learn how they evade the immune system, and to better understand their heterogeneity and the way they interact with their environment.


Researchers are using SCS and spatial technology to  understand infection and the immune response on a deeper level, yielding insights that help us fight infectious disease and autoimmune disorders. 


Researchers are diving deeper into psychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and more, paving the way for the discovery of better preventative techniques and treatments.

At Psomagen we help you view your samples at a single-cell resolution using the 10x Genomics® Chromium platform. Powered by Next GEM-based technology — which uses advanced microfluidics to perform multiplexed molecular barcoding and single-cell partitioning — we can capture molecular readouts of cell activity in multiple dimensions.

Why Partner with Psomagen

We know you have options for meeting your project’s needs. Here’s why you should choose Psomagen. 

Unlike other single cell sequencing companies, our labs are US-based and CLIA and CAP certified. Not only are we accredited to perform the highest quality research, our teams are proven experts in next-generation sequencing. We have experience in a variety of high-throughput sequencing assays including the execution of the most rigorous clinical whole genome and whole exome sequencing projects.

In fact, because we are networked with our worldwide Macrogen headquarters, our capabilities and capacity stretch beyond our competitors and across a diverse set of labs around the world. 

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If you’re looking for a fast, affordable, end-to-end single cell profiling solution and a knowledgeable team to help you atlas and characterize complex cell populations, get in touch.

Get the Answers You are Looking for with These Single Cell Sequencing Workflows

Single Cell Gene Expression

Profile entire transcriptome of individual cells from a heterogeneous

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5’ Gene Expression
Poly dT priming as an RT-PCR Primer

3’ Gene Expression
Poly dT RT-PCR primer location on the Gel Bead

Single Cell Immune Profiling

Analyze T-Cell and/or B-Cell receptors with 5’ Gene expression profiling from the same cell

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B-Cell Receptor consisting of light chain and heavy chain

T-Cell Receptor consisting of ɑ-chain & β-chain

How it Works

Return the sample

We get your sample

Our team handles everything from quality control to clean up.

Library preparation

We build your cDNA library/libraries

Your cells are sorted, barcoded and prepped for sequencing using the 10x Genomics®️ Chromium platform.


We sequence your samples

Our genomics professionals run your samples on our state-of-the-art Illumina®️ systems:
NovaSeq 6000 S4
HiSeq X
HiSeq 2500

Advanced Analysis as Needed

We deliver your results in less than three weeks

You gain new insights through quality data analysis and visualization of your results using Cell Ranger and Loupe Browser technology from 10X Genomics®.


What is single cell sequencing?

Single cell sequencing is a next-generation sequencing method that uncovers the genetics of a single cell and enables the evaluation of complex biological systems and heterogeneous cell population samples.

Why is single cell sequencing important?

Single cell sequencing is allowing researchers to understand biological phenomena at a cellular level across a number of fields — from disease diagnosis to drug discovery and everything in between.

When to use single cell sequencing

Single cell sequencing gives researchers the ability to compare heterogeneous cell populations and detect important variances in a high-throughput capacity. This is often preferable to most next-generation sequencing methods that examine cell populations as a single entity and result in a single profile.

How much does single cell sequencing cost?

The cost of single cell sequencing is comparable to conventional bulk methodologies, but the knowledge you gain is much deeper. Your costs will vary by the type and size of your project. Schedule a call with our specialists to discuss your needs and explore how to keep your costs down. 

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