Genetic Sequencing Services

Research Sequencing

From plasmid sequencing to population-level, whole-genome sequencing service, Psomagen does it all. We’re one of the few whole-genome sequencing service providers offering top-quality sequencing services for all applications and species.

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Next Generation Sequencing

The latest NGS technology can be applied for multiple applications for the best results; from short to long reads, from DNA to RNA, and from epigenome to metagenome.

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Sanger Sequencing

Using the gold standard of sequencing, sequence up to 1kb for PCR products and plasmids.

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Microarray Services

Detect and analyze the known mutations based on gene expression using various chips.

Clinical Sequencing

Psomagen is a CLIA and CAP laboratory, which ensures quality laboratory testing and precise test results.

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Clinical Whole Genome

Take a look at the entire genome, especially for undiagnosed and/or rare diseases.

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Clinical Exome

Focus on the expressed part of the genome for effective and accurate detection that can translate into diagnosis and/or actionable treatment.

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Variant Validation

Complement the clinical NGS results to validate your clinical NGS results using the gold standard of sequencing.

Personal DNA Tests

Psomagen is excited to begin offering personal DNA tests that provide the opportunity for individuals to learn more about themselves on a genetic level. These tests reveal fun, interesting, and useful information about a person’s genetic traits and the condition of their gut. Based on the results, the tests will also yield insights and health recommendations to help users make healthy lifestyle changes and improve their overall well-being.

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Gene & GutBiome

Gene & GutBiome teaches you about the story of your DNA and determines your digestive health status by analyzing a simple stool and saliva sample. Gene Traits can identify up to 29 nutritional and dietary DNA traits and over 80 physical and personality traits while the GutBiome test will tell you all about your metabolism, your gut type, your probiotic needs, and much more. Take the first step to a healthier life by ordering this combination test today!

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GutBiome+ is a gut product only that offers further analysis and more in-depth reporting on digestive health than GutBiome using more advanced sequencing methods. It includes everything that comes with GutBiome and further analyzes the whole community of microorganisms in your gut to help you make proactive changes to improve your health. We recommend taking this test regularly so you can keep tabs on your gut health status.

Genetic Testing

Your DNA can tell you more about your health so that you can better understand yourself and design an improved and personalized lifestyle.

Psomagen Wellness

Personalize your lifestyle to target areas that may need a push toward the healthiest you based on the genetic information.

Psomagen Ancestry

Determine family history and how it affects your overall health by revealing predispositions, genetic information, and your connection to the world.

Psomagen Microbiome

Effectively manage your own health and prevent high-risk conditions with accurate knowledge of your microbiomes.

How Psomagen Sequencing Can Work for You

Since our humble beginnings, Psomagen Inc., a next-generation sequencing company, has grown to surpass other gene sequencing companies as one of the foremost providers of Clinical Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing, and traditional Sanger Sequencing through top-quality services at industry-competitive prices.

By adapting to cutting-edge technologies, evolving sequencing platforms, and utilizing the invaluable knowledge and our expert staff, Psomagen Inc. continues to provide outstanding quality of results with a short turnaround time to our clients.

For over 20 years, we’ve been building our reputation from the ground up as one of the best DNA sequencing companies around. Our notoriety has spanned the globe and has helped us earn a rock-solid client base locally and around the world. Some of our more notable clients include researchers from the National Institute of Health (NIH), the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who have grown to trust and rely on our next-generation sequencing company for their everyday sequencing needs.

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